Protecting Consumer Credit

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The American Financial Services Association represents traditional installment lenders that offer fixed-rate loans. Our members include personal or “small dollar” lenders, auto finance companies, mortgage lenders, and credit card companies.

These types of financial-services companies have been around for more than a century, and many continue to operate in communities across the country where their offices have met the needs of multiple generations of consumers. They serve all consumers – those with good credit, as well as those with imperfect credit – because all consumers deserve responsible alternatives to gray- or black-market loans, or so-called payday lenders that offer short-term cash with triple-digit interest rates and strings attached.

Traditional installment lenders are regulated and subject to ongoing, rigorous state examinations. Our members are compliant with all governmental regulations and standards at the local, state and federal levels. We are committed to our customers.

Activist groups, however, are distorting the facts regarding responsible lending, while encouraging and supporting misguided legislation that will harm all consumers and deny credit to tens of millions of consumers.

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